The contract established between AHRP and the accommodation unit is a mutual collaboration agreement, constituting a strategic partnership with the objective of disclosing, promoting and marketing the Rural Hotels and the Hotels belonging to the countryside environment.


– The accommodation unit must be registered in the National Tourism Register as Rural Hotels, TER (tourism in rural areas) or as a tourist development located in the countryside.

– Have an opening licensing certificate.

– Comply with the AHRP statutes.

– Comply with the obligation of civil liability insurance.

– Pay dues in due time.

– Provide and assign image rights for brochures and other promotion and dissemination campaigns.



1. Effectively publicize the offer made available by its members.

2. Include associated hotels in brochures and promotional materials you develop.

3. Include all information about the hotels on the website

4. Organize and support visits that promote members and their accommodations.

5. Watch over the interests of members, signing contracts and protocols that streamline the occupation of hotels and defend institutional and commercial interests.

6. Provide all clarifications to members, helping them to find solutions to problems that arise or directing them to competent entities, whenever the AHRP does not have the capacity to do so.

7. Fulfill all obligations contained in the statutes, as well as all decisions arising from general meetings.

8. Inform members about quality standards, legislation and other relevant information.


1. Respect the association’s statutes and the resolutions of the general meetings.

2. Comply with all obligations contained in the sector’s legislation.

3. Pay the fee in due time according to the chosen modality.

4. Actively collaborate in the promotion actions arising from the AHRP promotion strategy, as well as participate in the AHRP dissemination actions.

5. Communicate to the Association any data changes that arise after joining.

6. Keep the unit’s information up-to-date with regard to information about the hotel, rates, activities, booking conditions and cancellation policies.

7. Reference the status of AHRP members in brochures, internet and other means of communication when promoting individual.

8. In case of withdrawal, they must remain in the existing means of communication, publicity and promotion as long as there is material for dissemination.


AHRP member resignation must be communicated in writing.


AHRP intends that among the associates there is a culture of sharing and partnership, a spirit of mutual help. To this end, AHRP proposes to:

– Encourage solidarity between all hotels that join the association;

– Boost synergies and complement offers with hotel activities and services;

– Promote partnerships between members and create integrated offer packages;

– Create and develop a relationship for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences between associated units;

– Allow greater collaboration between regions and local economic agents in which the units are located, in order to achieve benefits for both parties;

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